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Daniel Andrés Montealegre Ramírez

My name is Daniel Andrés Montealegre Ramírez, was born on May 20, 1997 in the town of Espinal, Tolima at 8:30 pm, my parents are:

Alex Erney Montealegre Ramírez and Diana Milena Ramirez Rodriguez, which since 2011 no live together

for emotional problems, I have two sisters,

Valentina and Eliana, Eliana is two years younger than me and attends Grade 9 at the National College San Isidoro, and Valentina has barely 1 year old,

Valentina was born in the time my parents were separated and that is why my father refused, but six months after birth, they did a DNA test and was positive,

meaning that if my sister Valentina complete.

my household is made up of my mom, my sisters and I, my mom is 33 and two years ago was separated from my dad, Eliana is the middle,

is 13 and has lived almost all that I've experienced, and my younger sister who is 14 months, so far is learning to walk and talk.

My pet is called "Luna" and is 8 years old, from the moment I met her I took a lot of appreciation and always plays with me,

now very old but unfortunately could not take any puppy.

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They are my friends most of my high school, Edgar knew him since the sixth grade and so far it has never disappointed,

Sebastian and Melissa, were family and because of that I could do the two friends,

Laura has always been the Melissa's best friend so the join the group.

My favorite has always been listening to her music and qe I can inspire me to do many things,

like doing my homework, draw and even write poetry ...

My favorite genre is Hip Hop because he is my favorite singer as is Will I Am

What I aspire to study after I graduate from high school academically, is the medicine because I've always

liked to help people and give my hand when I need it most, in fact in 2011 I took a course in civil defense on how to meet one wounded,

because I saw that some people did not mind that but always vanity.

My studies to be a doctor surgeon I do at the National University in the city of Bogota,

because there is where you create the greatest doctors in the country,

and I aspire to be an excellent doctor so that people feel very grateful to me .

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